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Electrified Acoustic Loops and Jams

Dennis plays solo acoustic guitar through a pedalboard of electric guitar effects to attain a distinctive "Electrified Acoustic" tone, while adding a looper to both guitar and vocals to be able to layer multiple sounds and create intricate sonic landscapes.  

You might also find him jamming with various local bands, or running the sound for any number of shows in the area.


Back at it! 

Hey all!  It has been a few since I posted anything here.  I took a brief hiatus from solo performing as I joined up with a band for a while and then went dormant during Covid, leaving room for full-time artists to get whatever was available over those tough times.

I did not stay still during that time however, spending time rehearsing with a new band I'm helming and preparing for some new gigs in the future.  More on that in a future post.  In the meantime I have a few solo gigs lined up for the summer so…

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News from Summer and beyond 

Man, this music journey has just been such a fantastic trip!  The Universe has so much to offer...


If you've been checking out my show schedule, you'll see a mix of different types of performance dates on there.  I will continue to do the Electrified Acoustic Loops and Jams, performing as a solo musician with looper to create the "one man band" experience.  These shows contain a selection of original music as well as a nicely curated list of off-the-beaten-path (yet familiar) cover songs.  From Blondie…

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TribLive Musician Showcase 

My last blog post mentioned an upcoming feature that I never ended up posting!  This came out a few months ago, but here it is!

Triblive Musician Feature

Navigation tips:  look for a "play" button on some of these slides, indicating a video to play.  Also most slides have an overlay caption box to place the video/picture into context. These boxes can be toggled on and off with the "show/hide text" link.

Lots of gigs on the schedule for the next few months.  Come on out to see me!   Check out my schedule her

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TribLive Feature Story 

One of my favorite things about December is breaking out the Christmas songs.  There are some really well-written tunes in this very season-specific "genre" that elicit some fond memory or just instill that holiday magic.  What better gift to share?  This year I got together with the Girl Scouts to sing at a nursing home in Harmony, PA.  TribLive was there to capture the moment!

Girl Scout Holiday Cheer

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August Just Gusts On By 


So this update is a little late, and August is just rolling by.  This time last week I was just finishing up an awesome beach week!  Nice to take some time off and relax.  Oh but of course I still had to go scope out some potential gig spots for next year!  Anyway, so far this month one show already happened, one is about to happen, and a few that might get cancelled due to weather.  Just a few more and that's a wrap.  Check out my shows page for more info, but here's a little recap for July, and more…

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The Force of July 

June is almost over.  What!?  This summer is just flying by. 

It's been a great one so far though, lots of twists and turns that keep me on this continuous evolutionary journey of sonic exploration.   

Ok, that was just a long way of saying "I keep on keepin on."  This past month was another busy one!   (Scroll down to the bottom or check out my shows page if you just want to see where I'm gonna be and not where I was)

When the month started we were neck deep in the Penguins playoffs.  In fact due to the…

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Double Wide gig is cancelled! 

Ha, the Pens strike again!  

Due to the Penguins' awesomeness, my scheduled gig for June 4th has been cancelled.  This is the fourth gig this year that was cancelled or pushed back due to a playoff schedule.  
Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  I will be back at the Double Wide on September 10th.

GO PENS!  They. could. go. all. the. way.

June is Jumping! 

Hey there.  Wow what fun was had in May! Things are moving along pretty solid here in Den land.

The time of the year for outdoor events is upon us, and with May taking on the typically April showers this year, you win some and you lose some.  My first event of the month was May 1st, the Pittsburgh Marathon, and after getting things off to a rain-soaked start, we were able to enjoy some rather mild weather for the rest of the day and entertain the runners as they made their way to the finish line.  I was…Read more

Moving on to May 

Well after a couple of false starts in April I think we can finally safely say that spring is in the air!  My first gig of April happened in the midst of a snowy frigid day that hearkened back the the last time we played at the Kline's House Party back in January!  Reprising the role of "The Replacements," five musicians - Biddy Nye, Sam Giannetti, Marcy Brown, Jeff Wiley, and myself - put together a nice variety of music to entertain the crowd.  Everyone on the stage took the lead at one point in the…Read more

Sewickley Pizza Roma gig is cancelled! 

Well, there could be worse reasons to cancel a gig than to see our Pittsburgh Penguins in the playoffs (I was really hoping for a sweep of this first series so that there wouldn't even be a game 5 though)!   So hey, I'll get back down there after playoff season is over!

Go Pens!