About Dennis

Dennis is a Pittsburgh based musician who writes songs and restyles covers using a looper and some creative "electrified acoustic" sounds sure to bring you to your feet!  He spends most of his time on stage honing his live act and occasionally writing new original material to sprinkle in with his numerous covers.

Dennis started playing music at age 13 and as he continued to evolve through different phases of his life, he always had a guitar nearby. It wasn't long before he added singing and songwriting to his repertoire and performing in a number of bands throughout his 20s.  In recent years he has enjoyed the the solo act thing, pushing the boundaries of acoustic guitar sound with his signature "Electrified Acoustic" tone and using live looping not only as a songwriting tool but as a way to recreate cover songs and sometimes pull some tough-to-cover material into his set.  

Eventually he started pulling other musicians into his orbit and started getting more comfortable with the "unplanned moments" that can happen on stage, embracing improvisation as a way to engage the audience with the excitement of not knowing what would come next.  With that spirit, he and bandmate Dave Hamilton formed the band Brother From Another Mother and have recently formed a monster rhythm section with Brian McStay on bass, Keith King on congas/percussion, and Brandon Batista on drums.  

In both projects, he considers the written song to be the launch pad into whatever happens in the moment!